Learn how to meditate

This guide leads you through a complete yet simplified meditation practice in the style of the Buddha. Each step gives you tasks to complete. Additional information is provided for each step in a summary, overview, goal, and tips.

For tasks where you work specifically with awareness of your relaxed breath, you will work with a breathing buddy called Ananda.

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HeartMath Institute

  • The Appreciation in Awe

    The ‘Appreciation’ in Awe From Thanksgiving through January many people report feeling a lift from an increased sense of appreciation and gratitude, while sometimes mixed with a sense of awe. The experience of awe often happens when our focused appreciation hits a tipping point. We don’t have to wait for this time of year to increase […]

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Creativity News -- ScienceDaily

  • The songwriter is creative -- the singer, not so much

    Country music songwriters must perform a careful dance when they work with famous singers who may be less talented at writing songs but bring the needed star power to attract fans -- and, importantly, to get the song recorded in the first place, research suggests. A study of 39 successful country-music songwriters found that they use two strategies to navigate creative collaboration with more famous artists.

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    Researchers have conducted a study to see if virtual reality can be used as an expressive tool in art therapy.

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