... it begins and ends with bare attention— the simple, direct noticing of thoughts, sensations and emotions

You don't need anything special in order to meditate. But when you're learning, it takes time to learn what it means to practice. And the support of others who are more experienced is really helpful.

Chances are that one of your biggest obstacles is time.

So can you do it right here, right now? Yes because it can be done anywhere. But you'll need to align your expectations.

Learn to watch your own “show”

When we watch our own show, we can notice how our feelings and mind change (or don’t ... if we’re stuck). We can realize our true nature and take a helpful perspective over ourselves or a situation.

Awareness centers us
It's so easy to get wrapped up in the drama
Watch this guy's show

Try a mini-meditation now...

Have a few minutes with no distraction? Choose a time.

There's a lot more to explore. It's true that meditation is simple. It's also true that it's not easy. What makes it difficult and interesting is that we're dealing with ourselves and we're complex. See meditation tips and tools.