Learn how to meditate

This guide leads you through a complete yet simplified meditation practice in the style of the Buddha. Each step gives you tasks to complete. Additional information is provided for each step in a summary, overview, goal, and tips.

For some tasks you will work with a breathing buddy called Ananda. He will work with you on the breath pacing tasks and provide helpful feedback whenever possible.

Practice meditation now

The perfect healing modality for meditators

Are you a fan of the healing power of the mind? Here's a healing modality to supplement that natural state.

Read the blog on magnet therapy.

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    The rock n' roll lore says that once a bandmate gets married, the party's over for the group. But recent research says that the blended mix of married and unmarried bandmates improves creativity, innovation and collaborative thinking (and, that the same goes for working professionals).

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    In the nearly 60 years between the 1939 release of Hollywood's first animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and modern hits like Toy Story, Shrek and more, advances in animation technology have revolutionized not only animation techniques, but moviemaking as a whole. However, a new study found that employing the latest technology doesn't always ensure creative success for a film.

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