Basically, meditating is about living more consciously. And the more you do that, the better your life becomes.

Get a tiny taste of it here by practicing with this super-short variation.

Practice meditation now

Learn Sanskrit

Like meditation, learning a new language helps you to see the gap between perception and knowledge, the area from which other possibilities are seen.

As with other languages, you need to master the alphabet.

Writing and speaking the letters daily is best and what easier way to test that knowledge than with a basic Sanskrit quiz.

Find a meditation group

treeFinding support for your practice is now easier. If you are already an experienced meditator or are currently in a meditation class, join one of the silent sitting sessions.

Each session runs for a half hour and is followed by a brief, optional, discussion about practice.

Email for more details on joining a group.

Which meditation is best?

It depends on what your mind needs. And the only way to get in touch with that is to notice your sensations, thoughts and emotions with increasing skill.

If you've never meditated before, the basic pointers in the following guided breath meditation will get you started. Listen and repeat until you feel comfortable doing it on your own.

The Subtle Life

A blog about working with subtle states to enhance healing, creativity and life in general.

Read The Subtle Life.

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