The "Wishie" Meditation

Remember when you were a kid making a wish and blowing on dandelion heads? Well here's a way to revisit those days of happiness and work with nature to rekindle positive emotions.
  1. Go for a walk and pick a dandelion that's gone to seed. Find a place to stand or sit where you won't be interrupted.
  2. As you hold your dandelion, allow your breathing to slow down and feel your body relax. Notice how it feels to hold the dandelion. Take 10 relaxing breaths.
  3. Now imagine that your breath is entering and leaving at the area of your heart (I know ... this might seem a bit weird but try it). Keep that picture in mind as you count for 10 relaxed breaths.
  4. Recall a fond memory or bring to mind an image—choose something that makes you smile or feel thankful, glad or filled with love. Allow the emotion to expand and fill your heart space as you continue your relaxed breathing for 10 more breaths.
  5. Think about the wish you are about to make. Imagine that it spreads around your heart space where it mingles with the warm emotions you have just cultivated.
  6. Now blow on the wishie sending your wish in the blanket of warm feeling.
  7. Don't worry about blowing away the seeds in one breathe. Instead, make and send multiple wishes picturing each wish within the warm feeling.
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