What is Magnet Therapy?

Magnet therapy is an alternative healing approach that boosts your healing power. What happens is that it creates a zone that is oxygen-rich and non-acid—bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogens can't live there. Instead of taking a pill though, you "wear" a magnet.

"It's not the germ, it's the environment"
Louis Pasteur's famous last words which credited his lifelong opponent, Beauchamp, with being correct all along

Who knows which side of Beauchamp and Pasteur's argument over germ vs. environment is correct? Besides, the argument is silly. Instead of choosing one over the other, let's use both to our best advantage. When it comes to healing, what we really care about is that we, or those we love, get better.

Risks, sense of humor and no (harmful) side effects

So what are the risks of magnet therapy?

  1. Small magnets can come unstuck and end up in the rug. If swallowed, a doctor will have to remove the magnet to prevent possible internal pinch trauma.
  2. Larger magnets can shatter into shards if dropped. In addition to the swallowing hazard, you must deal with finding sharp splinters.
  3. Working with high powered magnets requires care and forethought as to how they can be safely worn (e.g. taped on or worn in a hip-sack, avoiding electronics, etc.).

During the learning curve of working with magnets, you'll see that the magnet is "the boss" and, in light of that, adapt your behavior. Probably you'll wonder if all the craziness of the learning curve is worth it—remember to keep a sense of humor handy for when you get stuck to the office chair!

So is it worth it?—it's a lot more work than setting a timer to remind you to pop a pill. Well, unless you consider having to think more and work a little harder a side effect, there are none ... so, you decide.

A practical example

Imagine one morning, you find a lump. You find yourself on the phone to your doctor before they're even close to opening. Let's say you can't get an immediate appointment to have it checked. Well, in the meantime, let's gather facts about this lump.

How wide is it? How deep? Is there pain? How did you notice it? Or what made you notice it? Answering these questions and taking some action over the next few days might help you feel a little bit of control while you anxiously await your doctor's appointment.

For this example, let's assume there is a 1/2" bump. First, find a magnet that will completely cover it. Second, get the thickest magnet possible that's wearable. For this case, you could get a 1" diameter neodymium disc magnet and tape it over the lump with some skin-friendly tape from a pharmacy. By the way, the strongest type of neodymium is an N52. It'll cost about $25 for everything (the gold-plated version of magnet is only about $4). Doesn't that sound easy? Let's look at how this actually works.

How to work with magnets

Before you apply the magnet, you must know and confirm the "north-pole-facing" side of the magnet. Sound hard? Then buy a labeled magnet and understand the manufacturers' labeling. Or get a magnet tester. Or ask me. Regardless, you must know and confirm the polarity of each side.

Once you apply the magnet, its field strength penetrates the skin by about 2 inches (assuming it's a neodymium). The resulting oxygen-rich, alkaline environment will work to reverse out the condition sustaining that lump. Bacteria, viruses, tumors and the anaerobic needs of other chronic maladies cannot be sustained in this healing environment. Also, the field strength and depth can be increased ... that's good.

To increase the strength and depth of the healing field, you have options:

  1. Use a thicker magnet, maybe a 1" x 1/4" or a 1" x 1/2", instead of 1" x 1/8". At some point, the magnets will get either too heavy to tape or too strong to be worn throughout the day (e.g. paper clips start jumping off your desk at you). You can also stack magnets but it's not as good. The combined strength isn't additive.
  2. You can switch to a ceramic magnet. Oddly, a strong ceramic magnet is not as strong as a neodymium magnet but its field penetrates much farther. It can target 6" into the tissues (it can target cysts and tumors, etc. on internal organs). These are heavier and harder to wear than the neodymiums.

What to expect

Magnet therapy has been rated as up to 80% effective, its cost-effectiveness ... astounding. But you must be willing to learn and pay close attention to how you use and handle magnets. And don't get rid of your doctor! From experience, I can say that the required attitude vastly differs from a pill-popping mentality. But for the right person, this therapy will be an eye-opening exploration into a world of enhanced health and pure delight.

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