Find my meditation

As you answer, keep in mind your most important reasons for wanting to learn meditation. For example, all meditations benefit health and serenity to some degree. So when questions about doing meditation for stress and health benefits are asked, only answer yes if those reasons match your primary goals.
1. I'm most concerned with making my relationships more caring and enhancing healthy connectedness (this also applies to long distance relationships)
2. I'd very much like to develop a greater sense of presence whether alone or with others
3. I mostly want to transform myself, change my life
4. I'd mostly like to explore or enhance my creativity
5. I'm ok with the idea of entering a light trance
6. I am most interested in physical ease or pain relief
7. I'm highly interested in the dynamics of the unconscious and archetypes
8. I'd like to participate in a type of meditation that allows me to enjoy nature
9. I highly value the sacred dimension or am mostly interested in exploring the mysteries of life
10. I mainly want to reduce stress
11. I'm interested in exploring the nature of the self (the ego)
12. I prefer a scientific or secular approach to things
13. I am stuck in my head a lot, feeling disconnected
14. I would like to be more objective and less emotionally reactive
15. I am interested in conscious manifestation