First, thanks for checking out Sangha.org. I'm glad you're here.

I have a lot of education ... I graduated Won Institute with an M.S. in Applied Meditation Studies. But it's far from how my education started.

My first degree was in Communications with an almost second degree in Psychology. My second was an MBA which I never used, not really. And then I thought I would pursue a Computer Science certificate which turned into the equivalent of a minor in Physics and over 60 credits towards Computer Engineering.

So what happened? Well, here it is in 5-7-5—

study, learn ... learn, why?
bouncing baby brings such love,
search over, love found!

Now that my daughter is all grown up, I've found great appreciation of writing, especially journal writing since it dovetails so nicely with meditation. And, since I tend to be an idealist, I'd love to come up with some ways to help people grow towards happier, more fulfilling lives. For that reason, I suppose I will always be learning.

I do hope I can pass something useful on to you. Thanks again for coming by.

M.S. Applied Meditation Sudies, M.B.A., B.A. Communications, Add Heart Facilitator