Hi, I'm Carol, the owner of sangha.org.

I've been meditating for about 20 years. Recently, I became an Add Heart Facilitator, a certificate offered through Heartmath. About 5 years ago, I earned a Master's Degree in Applied Meditation Studies. And many years before that, I earned an MBA after getting a BA in Communications.

Learning never seems to stop for me. When not in formal classrooms, I like to explore various healing modalities, specifically those in the subtle realms. From sound therapy to hypnosis to biosignatures and so much more, I've met some wonderful and talented people as I've walked this path. But I strongly believe that my research into those various modalities would have lacked depth and penetrative analysis had it not been for my core strength in meditation. As a result, I hope to encourage others to learn to meditate.

One thing I think that you'll notice is my practical approach. I'm interested in getting you actively involved in your own self-actualization rather than being dependent on others to guide you. Of course, we are always learning from others. And a healthy open-mindedness is key. But unless you find a detached yet involved stance, you will tilt to others' expectations. I hope through sangha.org to provide tools and information so that you self-guide.

I'm also open to creating community for little known healing modalities that have some scientific support.

Thanks for coming by,