Which meditation is best?

meditation bikeYou can never go wrong by starting out with insight (also known as vipassana) and lovingkindness meditations.

Learning these two types of meditation builds a foundation from which to explore other types and evaluate whether they are right for you.

After some time, your practice will be like the two wheels of a bicycle going the extra mile to help you find the right path. Your life's journey will change.

You can explore meditation suggestions by taking this quiz.

Learn Sanskrit

स्वाध्याय (svādhyāya, self-study)

Why learn Sanskrit? Hand-in-hand with meditation or yoga, it can open your entire being to greater levels of subtle awareness and concentration.

Sanskrit can be written in multiple scripts. This introduction uses the Devanagari script.

Just as in learning other languages, vowels and consonants along with basic combinations form the beginner's foundation for learning Sanskrit. See the basic Sanskrit reference. You can also quiz yourself with a beginner's Sanskrit quiz.

Find a meditation group

treeFinding support for your practice is now easier. If you are already an experienced meditator or are currently in a meditation class, join one of the silent sitting sessions.

Each session runs for a half hour and is followed by a brief, optional, discussion about practice.

Email sangha.org for more details on joining a group.

The Subtle Life

A blog about working with subtle states to enhance healing, creativity and life in general.

Read The Subtle Life.

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